PowerOps Pitching for the Innovation Radar Prize 2017

This week is special for PowerOps, since in 2017/11/09 we are going to pitch for the Innovation Radar Prize 2017, in the category of “Industrial & Enabling Tech” in an event co-hosted with the EC ICT Proposers’ Day 2017, in Budapest, Hungary.

After an exciting period of public voting, PowerOps emerged as second candidate for pitching for the price, essentially capitalizing on our team members’ efforts in the context of the FP7 project DOLFIN, where Synelixis Solutions (our mother company) was technical coordinator. These efforts led to the development of our data centre optimization platform, DC-POP, one of the core product directions of PowerOps.

DC-POP is a platform for enabling ICT load flexibility in small and medium-sized urban data centres, enabling them to optimize their efficiency in terms of energy consumption and cost. Through the proper definition of policies and optionally coordinating with the Smart Grid/Smart City energy directives, DC-POP is able to shape the data centre’s energy consumption, allowing the data centre operators to maximize their profit simultaneous claiming green energy usage at the maximum possible extent. In the case a data centre has no direct access to green energy, DC-POP is able to securely move IT load to a data centre that has! Head to the DC-POP page to learn more!

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