PowerOps | Data Centres Power Optimization Platform

The Data Centres Power Optimization Platform (in short, DC-POP) is a platform for reducing the energy consumption in federated or self-contained urban data centres. Largely based and capitalizing on the developments of the FP7 project DOLFIN, where Synelixis Solutions was acting as technical manager, DC-POP employs machine learning and implements advanced optimization algorithms to get the most out of the energy spent by data centres at federation level.


Validated and tested in the FP7 DOLFIN project.

Partially funded by the European Commission.

Extended and further validated in the H2020 CATALYST project.

DC Owners

Cost Savings

Enjoy up to 40% electricity bills reduction, simultaneously minimizing the initial investment and operational expenditure. Shape the cost of your services according to your needs, without breaking the SLAs of your users!

Service Level Agreeements

Democratizing SLAs

New types of SLAs are enabled, such as time spent using green energy sources, or limiting the amount of power used per service or even time spent on different data centres. Flexible SLAs, trading off cost for controllable SLA reduction are also available!


Green Data Centres

We can adhere to Smart Grid stabilization needs and maximize the utilization of green energy sources, even if you have no direct access to any! With the appropriate definition of the data centre optimization policy, the data centre operation may become as green as your customers want.

DC-POP Operations

Optimizing the data centres operations life cycle is not an easy task. This is how we do it.

Self Awareness


We monitor the tiniest part of your infrastructure to be sure that everything is under control: your control. We can collect data from your OpenStack metering services or from IPMI- or SNMP-enabled servers.



We apply machine learning so that you know exactly how your infrastructure performance evolves over time and how the energy consumption is affected by this evolution.

Forecasting services


We can predict the next level of your data centre operations needs. Being aware of the behaviour of your data centre, you are able to overview its state in the near future, with the click of a button.

Policy Enforcement


You define the policy, we optimize the state of your data centre, either federated or standalone, ensuring that the SLAs of your customers are always respected and that your operations are as green as possible while your profit is maximized.

How is a data centre federation possible under DC-POP?

Federation of Data Centres

The Blockchain

We are employing the power of the blockchain (the technology behind Bitcoin) to ensure that inter-data centre transactions are, well, transactions; cannot be altered, cannot be disputed and are completely traceable.

Continuous SLA Monitoring

At all times, DC-POP is aware of the SLAs of your clients. The optimization calculation considers the quality of the data centres internet connection so that downtime is absolutely minimized, if at all required.

The technologies that we use and are compatible with our platform.


DC-POP has been tested against and is compatible with the open source cloud management platform OpenStack, supporting versions from Icehouse and newer. Other cloud management platforms will also follow.

We are based on the open source Ethereum platform. A consortium blockchain is used to ensure that information shared among different data centres such as load migration records is kept private and secure.

We integrate everything and allow you to either use DC-POP using the standard provided tools and dashboards, or exploiting our open, RESTful APIs to tailor the operation of DC-POP to your needs.

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