PowerOps | Energy Efficiency Platform

Power Ops Platform

Power-Ops Platform features multi-level processing towards real-time analytics to achieve extremely precise grid state estimation and energy forecasting. Power-Ops Business Intelligence services turn these analytics into Critical Events notifications, Power Losses indicators and Demand Response plans, unlocking the power of Big Data analytics towards empowering effective Smart Grid management.

Data Services

Power-Ops Platform is capable of interfacing AMI, DMS and SCADA resources also supporting Billing and External data (such as social feeds and weather forecasts), so that holistic integration of data provides meaningful data derivatives and effective power grid insights.


Power-Ops Platform features adaptation services directly from Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and openADR compatible resources and is capable of integrating Distribution Management System (DMS) and SCADA systems.

Power-Ops is the first platform world wide to natively integrate the FINESCE-API, one of the main results of the European Smart Utilities Services project.

Effective integration of more data resources and formats with the Power-Ops Plugin Registry Service is a breeze.


Power-Ops Processing Engine features four layers of data processing so that data is not just quickly analysed; it gets instantly understood. Distributed Big Data processing ensures that only a few seconds are enough to extract the meaningful part of the data, whereas Data Modelling and Distributed Machine (Deep) Learning will make sure that everything is tailored to your power grid.

All components of the Power-Ops Processing Engine evolve over time, being able to identify new abnormal situations based on new normal ones.

Through Power-Ops Processing Engine, effective, real-time forecasting at ultra-short, short, mid and long term scales guarantees that proactive power grid management is made possible.

Business Intelligence

Power-Ops Business Intelligence Services transform analysed data into business plans related to effective Smart Grid state identification and management.

    • Identify Smart Grid assets at risk of failure and points of power losses.
    • Get Demand Response plans fuelled by custom billing schemes and actual behavioural analytics.

Plugin Registry Service

Openness is one of our key values. Power-Ops Plugin Registry Serviceoffers an easy way of extending the adaptation and processing capabilities of your platform instance.

    • Adaptation: The implementation of new data formats, is made straightforward with Power-Ops Adaptation plugin support.
    • Processing: Do you prefer an alternative processing approach? Power-Ops Processing plugins support allows for the implementation of chained processing components that can replace the Power-Ops default ones.
    • Business Intelligence: Do you operate on a unique business plan? Exploiting Power-Ops BI plugins, the implementation of new business intel is just around the corner.

Identity and access management

All APIs are OAuth 2.0 compliant to ensure that unauthorized access to any kind of data is absolutely forbidden.

Energy api and Dashboard

Power-Ops data services are available through secure, open interfaces and a customizable, user friendly Dashboard, highlighting the things that really matter.