PowerOps Shortlisted For an IET Innovation Award on Communications!

Similarly our previous post, were we announced that PowerOps has been shortlisted together with British Telecoms in the UK IT Industry Awards 2019 under the category of “Emerging Technology of the Year”, for our joined work performed in NRG-5, PowerOps is also shortlisted in the IET Innovation Awards 2019!

In the context of NRG-5 , we have been developing a blockchains-based framework that allows (even low-cost) 5G-enabled devices to interact with Ethereum blockchains, without necessitating mining on their side; instead, mining processes take place at the edge of the network, via our specially designed blockchains-based Virtual Network Functions offering secure and trusted identity management and storage.

More details on the framework we developed in context of NRG-5 can be sought here.

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